Last Updated
1st May 2018

2015 Diary

31st May - Western
21st June - Father's Day Longbow and Barebow Challenge
28th June - Brazil, Speed Shoot and Clout
26th July - Kenwith Open
23rd August - Albion Handicap Shoot.
13th September - KK Shoot at Crediton
1st November - Kenwith Indoor Open

2014 Diary

Clubs 50th Anniversary Year
23rd / 24th August - 24 Hour Charity Shoot.
31st August - Brazil, Speed Shoot and Clout
14th September - KK Shoot - Hosted by Kenwith.
21st September - Albion Handicap Shoot with Club Dinner in the evening.
2nd November - Kenwith 50th Anniversary Indoor Open Shoot.
Please be available to help out at these events, they all go towards improving our image of the club and the costs go to reducing club fees.