Last Updated
1st May 2018

The Target Faces used in Archery

There are a number of different types of Target Faces used in Archery
Outdoor Faces
The normal face for the outdoor season and G.N.A.S. competitions is the 122cm face, with the gold scoring 9 then red, blue, black and white scoring 7,5,3,1 respectively, the distances will be in yards. This is 5 zone scoring.

When competing in a F.I.T.A. competition, the same face is used at some of the distances, but the scoring is then 10 zone and in fact could be said to be eleven zone scoring, as each colour is split into two, an inner and an outer, therefore starting with the gold the inner is worth 10 and the outer 9. The oddity with this is that the inner gold is also split in two and the inner of these still counts 10 but is marked as an 'X' this is used in the case of a tied scores. Within the same competition you may need to shoot on a smaller face, this will be 80cm dependant on the competition. All of these score the same as the larger 122cm face, the distances used for F.I.T.A. competions is metres.

Indoor Faces
The indoor season has a different face for each of the competitions, these include the Portsmouth 20 yards 60cm, FITA 18m 40cm, FITA 25m 60cm, Bray I 18m 40cm, Bray II 25m 60cm, Stafford 30m 80cm. All score 10 zone as above.
Some specials faces are the Vegas 18m special triple spot, the Worcester 20 yards 16 inch with centre white scoring 5 and then 4 zones of black scoring 4,3,2 and 1.