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1st May 2018

2014 - Tournament Dates & Results

26th Jul 2015
Kenwith 50th Anniversary Indoor
18th/19th Oct 2014
DCAS Exmouth Open Field
5th Oct 2014
Kyrton Archers Eagle Worcester
28th Sep 2014
DCAS Clout Newquay
21st Sep 2014
GWAS Intercounties Exeter
7th Sep 2014
DCAS Autumn Gold Tors
16th/17th Aug 2014
Exmouth Archers FITA & H2H
2nd/3rd Aug 2014
DCAS Redruth Double FITA
27th Jul 2014
Kenwith 50th Anniversary Open
20th Jul 2014
Newquay Bpwmen Open
13th Jul 2014
Exmouth Archers Open
6th Jul 2014
Wadebridge Archers Open
29th Jun 2014
Redruth Double American
15th Jun 2014
Kenwith Longbow & Barebow Challenge
8th Jun 2014
Lizard Peninsular Open
31st/1st Jun 2014
DCAS Exmouth Archers Double FITA
25th May 2014
Brixham Archers Open
18th May 2014
Bowmen of the Tors Open
11th May 2014
Kyrton Archers Westerns
11th May 2014
Redruth Archers Double FITA 720
4th May 2014
Grand Day Nationals Exeter
27th Apr 2014
Barnstaple Archery Club Warwicks
13th Apr 2014
Bowmen of Tors Longbow Westerns
6th Apr 2014
Redruth Archers Longbow Westerns
9th Mar 2014
St Austell Combined FITA
2nd Mar 2014
Barnstaple Indoor Vegas & FITA 18
23rd Feb 2014
DCAS Indoor Championships Yelverton
16th Feb 2014
Archers of the West Worcester & Vegas
2nd Feb 2014
Brixham Archers Clipper Portsmouth
26th Jan 2014
Newquay Double Portsmouth
19th Jan 2014
Kyrton Winter Warmer Portsmouth